Inaugural Launch of the Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Joy

Okay so as a Travel Advisor, I have the awesome opportunity to do some pretty amazing things. The most recent of these things was an inaugural launch for the Norwegian Joy. So it started as an email inviting me to experience the new revitalized Norwegian Joy.

It was a one night stay completely complimentary for me and my fabulous hubby. The Norwegian Joy was originally sailing in China. The demand for Alaska Cruises was so high, they decided to renovate and re-commission to sail Alaska. So, a brand new ship basically. It was built originally in 2016 so it was basically new to begin with.

I must say, the cabin was lovely. It was a balcony cabin with a king size bed, a couch, fridge and plenty of room for your things (although, it was just for one night so we didn’t use much space). The ship itself was huge! I believe it weighs roughly 167,000 tons!! I still don’t know how those things stay afloat. The staff was amazing. Always smiling and saying hello. Asking if there is anything you need. I must say, there was plenty of staff on board as well.

The amenities, there are plenty. The Galaxy Pavilion on board Norwegian Joy is the place. There's an interactive video wall plus interactive virtual reality experiences to get your thrill on, including a Star Wars cockpit simulator and an exhilarating hang-gliding ride. Also, laser tag. On Deck 20 of a ship in the middle of the ocean! You can run around and have so much fun!!

There is Splash Academy for the younger kids, with the motherlode of waterslides. They have all kinds of age appropriate activities for them. For the older teens, there is Entourage, the latest and greatest teen program that gives them their own place to hang out, play games or just chill! There is a pretty amazing arcade as well.

Now we cannot forget the Racetrack on top of the ship! Yes, that’s what I said, a racetrack. It’s a two story track with electric go carts that go approx. 30 mph. They’re electric so they’re quiet for the guests and they pipe in sound into the cars so it sounds like you are really racing! Pretty cool.

Now to the best part…The Food! There are 5 complimentary restaurants plus room service and they range in type of food and atmosphere. There are 8 specialty restaurant plus a Starbucks. The Haven has a restaurant exclusively for The Haven guests. Of the specialty restaurants, there is Italian, a Teppanyaki place, an upscale BBQ place and of course a steakhouse.  All of the food was excellent. We were only there overnight so we could only eat so much but, what we had was very good!

Hidden at the top of the ship, The Haven features their most luxurious, well-appointed accommodations as well as 24-hour butler service, concierge service and private sundeck. The sundeck has a retractable roof as well.

There is so much to see and do on this ship, it’s too much to list. In 24 hours, we saw and learned so much about the ship and there were still things we didn’t see like the shows. There was a comedy show, a musical (Footloose) among others. What a great time! Call me if you need more details. See you on my next adventure!

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