Turks and Caicos Islands
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Value means something different to everyone. I am going to use my vacation to Turks and Caicos to show how we determined our personal meaning. Turks and Caicos is just southeast of the Bahamas. It is in the British Virgin Islands. We stayed at a lovely resort on the island named Grace Bay. I saw it for the first time on an episode of one of those “Real Housewives” shows. It was so beautiful on TV that it actually made me look it up! Grace Bay was voted the number one beach in the world by Conde Nast magazine. It’s beautiful white sand beach and clear waters are indescribable. That is when I knew we had to go!

Just picture yourself sunning on that deck with the kids/grandkids snorkeling all around you!

Just picture yourself sunning on that deck with the kids/grandkids snorkeling all around you!

John and I were in desperate need of a vacation, I was in no mood to price shop or bicker about prices. We just needed to get away. It happened to be the same week as my birthday so it ended up being a little extra special. We decided to spend the extra money as we really needed a break. We booked business class and we got a Junior Suite at Grace Bay Club. It was more than worth it! The flight was wonderful and I recommend business for first class on any flight longer than 4-5 hrs. For John and I, the extra we spent on the upgrades were more than worth it.

We were only there for 7 days. We should have booked at least 12 days. It was too short. The room was absolutely beautiful. It was in the Adults Only building so it was nice and quiet. They had 14’ high ceilings and doors. Very well built, I guess for those strong winds. Our room had a veranda with a gorgeous ocean view. You could hear the waves crashing against the shore, what a soothing sound. The bathroom was huge. It had a deep soaking tub, separate shower, double sinks, very nice. The staff throughout the resort were all fabulous. We never once experienced a bad attitude or lack of caring from any of the staff! We even went to the concierge desk and they set up a tour for us around the island by a local. It was great. He took us by the sites of the island including the former home of Prince. As he drove us around the island, just about every car we passed either honked and waved at us or both! Such a friendly island. At one point, we were driving along the coast and we were driving right next to the water. I happened to look down and I could see (from the car, no less!) an eel swimming in the water. That is how perfectly clear the water is! The water was so clear it was like standing in a swimming pool with sand in the bottom! I had never seen water quite that clear before in an ocean. Cancun was clear but this was different.

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We went all around the island and tried all types of food. Yes, we tried Conch. Had it three ways, Conch stew, Conch fritters, and Conch salad. Personally, I prefer the fritters. It also depends on who makes them. The locals are called “Belongers”. I remember saying to John, “I want to be a Belonger”. I didn’t want to go home. Such a welcoming place.

The week we were there, there was a barracuda swimming around Grace Bay. People were commenting on TripAdvisor and other social media. He was creating quite the stir! He was harmless, just chasing a school of fish around for some Grace Bay lunch. So I was told by our fabulous bartender. Back to value, yes the trip was a little more money than say, a trip to the Bahamas. But it was well worth it to us. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more to get that extra special treatment. Value has different meanings for each of us, so take a look at Turks and Caicos. You work hard for a living. You deserve it. Every place we went on the island was enjoyable and quite friendly. Grace Bay also has a Family section, Condo’s and Villas available as well. It is definitely a place to experience. They have three pools in the resort. One is an adult pool and I believe the other two are family pools. There is the all important “swim up bar” of course! The sand is so white and soft to walk on, like . powder almost. Yes, we have fallen in love with Turks and Caicos. I’m confident that you will too! This destination is worthy of going on anyone’s Bucket List!

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